CBD oil 10% (1000mg) (10ml)

Brand: Hemp Touch


Purest Quality CBD Extract. Pure 10% Cannabidiol. 10ml / 0.33oz (~1000mg CBD).

C02, the gentlest method of raw hemp extraction. At Hemptouch we use the SUPERCRITICAL CO2 EXTRACTION method, allowing maximum strength CBD to be extracted at low temperatures without any solvents or alcohol.

Full spectrum. CBD oil contains a full spectrum of naturally occurring Cannabinoids.

100% Natural As Mother Nature Intended. Extracted from hemp plant (Cannabis Sativa) grown under strict EU regulation. Non-GMO, free from pesticides, fungicides, herbicides, chemical fertilizers, parabens. Kosher and Vegan friendly. Lactose and gluten-free. No added taste compounds or artificial sweeteners, just a grassy and earthy aroma.

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Olive Oil,  Cannabidiol (CBD) extract (Cannabis Sativa).


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