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An amazing gift for anyone that you care about! It will bring a smile to their face and joy to their heart!

Here are answers to some of the question that you may have:

*Where can I use the gift certificate? – At our shop in Islington: EpicZen, 1a Camden Walk, London, N1 8DY (AKA Camden Passage). The nearest station: Angel
at our webshop: www.epiczen.co.uk (please enter the gift certificate number under the “Coupon”.
*When does the card expire? – Never
*Do I have to spend all the balance of the certificate in one go? – No
*Is there any minimum spend? – No
*How can I find out the balance of my Gift Certificate? – Ask the shop assistant or contact us; however, the original balance will be written on the Gift Certificate
*How long it will take to deliver the Gift Certificate to me? – Use use the UPS next working day, service, that is subject to the time when the order has been made.

If you have may have any additional questions, then please contact us:
Call: 02039165557 (Option 3)
WhatsApp: 02039165557
Email: info@epiczen.co.uk (Response within 24 hours )
Instagram: epiczenhealth
Facebook: epiczenhealth

Terms & Condition:
1.The Gift Certificate, also known as TGC, is a voucher that is purchased from EpicZen’s shop at 1a Camden Walk, London, N1 8DY or from the online shop at www.epiczen.co.uk. 2. TGC‘s unique code must be presented when making the purchase. 3. Monetary value of TGC is equivalent to GBR sterling pounds. 4. TGCis not applicable for any refunds – except 14 days from the purchase date if purchased online or over the phone only – the “Distance Selling Act” covers that. Proof of purchase and the unique code will be required. TGC‘s information card must be returned to EpicZen, which after the refund will be executed to the original payment source, within 14 days from the date EpicZen received the TGC. 5. TGC can only be used to purchase products from EpicZen, and all products are subject to availability. 6. The cardboard TGC card is for information only and carries no monetary value. The value of the card is connected to the unique code on the card, that is handled digitally. 7. Purchased items that are returned will be credited back to TGC, and will not be compensated by any other payment method. 7. TGC cannot be exchanged for cash or any other source of monetary value, apart from the indications in clause five. 8. TGC has no expiry date, but TGC will lose the value if the EpicZen stops trading, moves address, or if the brand is taken over by new ownership. 9. EpicZen is not responsible if any third party uses the TGC. It is a liability of the owner of TGC, to keep the unique code hidden from others at all times. 10. TGC‘s value is not transferable; however, the TGC can be cancelled and transferred to a new TGC (with new unique code), if the user knows the original code. Proof of purchase without the unique code is not enough to accept the value transfer. The user is liable for any costs that will occur due to the value transfer (postal fee, etc.).

EpicZen is a trademark owned by Epic Enterprise Ltd.
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