Sun Chlorella 200mg (300 tabs)



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“Sun Chlorella ‘A’ contains a variety of nutrients including vitamin D, vitamin B12, folic acid, iron, vitamin A and manganese. It acts as an ‘intestinal broom’ helping to restore the body to optimal health and wellbeing. It is a nutrient dense supplement that makes it an all-round essential which can help the immune system, the digestive system and boost energy levels. Unique to Chlorella is the powerful phytonutrient chlorella growth factor rich in amino acids, beta glutens, proteins, nucleic acids and peptides, all essential for the body. Chlorella in its natural form keeps all its nutrition locked in due to an impenetrable cell wall. Sun Chlorella® innovated a special pulverisation process to solve this problem, using the DYNO®-Mill, a machine that pulverises the cell walls so releasing its valuable nutrients making it easily absorbed by the body, without using any heat, enzymes or chemicals. ”

Chlorella contains Vitamin K1. Consult your healthcare practitioner if you are using the blood-thinning medication prior to takingthis product. Ingredients:
Pulversized chlorella (95.5%), Soya lecithin (from Non- GMO soya beans)

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